If you're considering purchasing travel insurance before leaving for Vietnam, you may find the information below helpful:

What does travel insurance cover?

- Medical emergencies and expenses
- Medical evacuations
- Trip cancelation or interruption
- Flight delays or cancelations
- Baggage loss or damage

Should I purchase travel insurance?

If you're concerned about any of the above areas you should at least look into the costs and benefits of travel insurance. Unforseen problems can occur, from flight delays and lost luggage, to rare cases of serious illness. Most travel insurance companies have a range of plans from all inclusive packages to specific coverage that allow you to pay only for what you want.

Do travel insurance plans include non-monetary benefits?

Yes. A good travel insurance plan will provide you with a 24 hour help line. If you're involved in an auto accident, trip and break an ankle, or your passport is lost, you should be able to call your travel insurance company and find out exactly what to do.

Regardless of whether you're interested in purchasing travel insurance, be sure to contact your health insurance company before you leave. Find out what, if any medical expenses will be covered on your trip, and what you need to do in the event of a medical emergency.

* For more information on travel/medical insurance recommendations, see the US Department of State medical insurance information page.