About Vietnamese Coffee

Coffee drinking is a national pastime in Vietnam. No wonder, given the superb quality of beans that are grown in the country's own backyard, the Central Highlands, with the region around Buon Ma Tuot undoubtedly producing the best coffee in Vietnam. The fertile soil and ideal climate ensure top notch Arabica and Robusta beans, as well as the rare Catimor beans that provide a strong "kick", and the naturally caffeine-free Chari beans. For the adventurous, there is the highly prized "weasel" or civet coffee, which consists of coffee beans that have been eaten and partially digested by small, weasel-type animals. Today, the acclaimed rich and exceptional taste of "weasel" coffee is manufactured by employing a special natural enzyme that imparts the beans with a smooth and bitter-free aroma. No weasels necessary!

The deep flavor of Vietnamese coffee is achieved by using condensed milk as a creamer and sweetener, and a single-cup brewing process, which is a beloved ritual in Vietnam. Ground coffee is put in a special metal filter, which is put atop a cup filled with a generous amount of condensed milk. Boiling water is poured into the metal filter and allowed to slowly drip through and into the cup. The coffee and condensed milk are then carefully blended with a spoon, resulting in an incredibly rich, smooth, and wonderfully sweet concoction called cafe sua da. Most Vietnamese prefer this mixture served over a tall glass of ice, and there is hardly a better way to enjoy iced coffee. Vietnamese coffee is not for the faint of heart though, and usually much stronger than Western style coffee.

Authentic Vietnamese coffee and metal drip filters can be purchased from the Trung Nguyen website: US Customers | European Customers

Vietnamese Coffee Filter Vietnamese Coffee Filter Vietnamese Coffee Filter Vietnamese Coffee Filter

Step By Step Preparation Guide

Vietnamese Coffee Vietnamese Coffee Vietnamese Coffee

1. Fill a tall glass with ice.
2. Use authentic Vietnamese coffee, such as Trung Nguyen.
3. Measure 20g of ground coffee into a small bowl.

Vietnamese Coffee Vietnamese Coffee Vietnamese Coffee

4. Put 2 table spoons of condensed milk into a small tea or coffee cup.
5. Put the metal bottom filter + cup on top of the tea cup.
6. Fill the metal cup with ground coffee.

Vietnamese Coffee Vietnamese Coffee Vietnamese Coffee

7. Insert the metal press to fit snugly on top of the coffee, but do not press down.
    Add 20ml of boiling water and let it drip through the filter.
8. Add 45ml of boiling water.
9. Put the lid on the metal cup and wait until all the water has passed through the filter, about 5 minutes.

Vietnamese Coffee Vietnamese Coffee Vietnamese Coffee

10. Remove metal coffee filter from tea cup.
11. Stir coffee and condensed milk with a spoon until well mixed.
12. Pour coffee over ice and enjoy!