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If you're in Vietnam for any length of time you'll probably be wishing you had brought a video camera or glad you have. Vietnam is a great place for shooting video. The videos above cover a lot of ground, from as far south as Can Tho in the Mekong Delta to as far north as Can Cau and Bac Ha near the border with China. But there's much more to see!

Remember when shooting your video that you can always edit it at home. You're better off with too much than not enough. Just like with photography, the best time for filming is morning and evening, when the sun is either coming up or going down. The worst time for filming is mid day, when the light is too strong and shadows aren't ideal. Think of your video camera like 3D still camera. Don't move it too fast, and don't talk to much. You can always add narration at home, and it's likely to sound better too. If you want to share your Vietnam travel experiences with family and friends, making a video of your trip is a great way to do it.