Ho Chi Minh City Video

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Video from Ho Chi Minh City

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No matter how long your flights have been, or how tired you are on arrival, Ho Chi Minh City will wake you up. The energy is amazing, and it's the first thing you see and feel on the way to your hotel.

Saigon, as the locals still call it, is a great city to begin your exploration of Vietnam in. There are plenty of sites, and a lot to do.

Ben Than Market makes a good start to get a taste of Vietnam, from local products to food and souvenirs.

Vietnam is a country full of contrasts, and you can see it on the streets of Saigon, from shopping options, to places to eat. Vietnam caters to all budgets.

Adventurous travelers can try food from the many street vendors, or ease their way in with delicious food in a nice restaurant.

After a visit to Saigon, you'll no doubt want to see more.